Sample Letters to Stop Debt Collectors

You can take action against debt collectors by using these free sample letters to send to a collection agency or debt collector to stop the harassing calls and letters! If you need immediate legal help find an experienced fair debt lawyer now who can advise you of your rights.

If you dispute the debt use our free sample debt dispute letter to make the collector validate the debt or stop calling you. Even if you don’t dispute the debt, you can use our free cease and desist sample letter to get a debt collector to stop all communication with you, including all phone calls and letters. If you want to stop third parties from being contacted or want to stop being contacted about a debt that doesn't belong to you, download or print out either of these sample letters. To stop a debt collector from contacting you about a debt that has “expired” or is considered to be outside of the Statute of Limitations use this sample letter and add your information.

After your first attempt to validate and dispute a debt you may need to follow up with a debt collector who has not responded to your previous letters, this sample letter provides the collection agency with the right information regarding your initial communication. If you end up in a situation that has made you “judgment proof”, use this sample letter to inform the debt collector or creditor of your judgment proof protective circumstances and keep them from contacting you.

After reviewing the free sample letters, if you need additional help fill out our contact form or locate a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act attorney in your state.

Always send your letters “certified mail” and save copies!

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